Interior design at No.15

Combining Bath’s refined Georgian architecture with decadently dressed interiors

Collaboratively reimagined

No.15 Great Pulteney has been largely reimagined by Martin Hulbert and Jay Grierson of Martin Hulbert Design, stars of the UK interior design scene and the duo behind Coworth Park and The Grove. Many of the hotel’s key pieces were sourced from antiques fairs across Europe, as well as graduate degree shows – from bespoke wallpaper to intriguing collections and artistic features – to display within bedrooms and public areas. Local interior designers, Rossiters and Woodhouse and Law were also asked to put their own creative stamp on some of the bedrooms, ensuring every one is individually-designed, imaginative and conducive to a restful night’s sleep.

Martin Hulbert Design

Martin Hulbert and Jay Grierson of Martin Hulbert Design are known for their work at Coworth Park, Chewton Glen and The Grove, Hertfordshire. While every project is completely unique, and No.15 is no exception, their style is unfailingly elegant and grown-up, with that all-important added layer of drama, curiosity and detail.

“There aren’t many projects where one could be so personally involved in a very creative way,” says Martin Hulbert of No.15. “We’ve hugely enjoyed the sense of discovery.

“It wasn’t until we started to see the building stripped back that it really gave us a real vision as to what we would like to do. The building began to reveal itself and all the wonderful, individual colours in the plasterwork and cornicing and the detail started to come out. We picked up with those and they have informed the colours and the thoughts behind the interior we’ve created.

“It’s not a look that exists anywhere, really. It’s artistic and creative and yet it’s not out of character with the beauty of the original building. We’ve looked closely at the history of Bath, its architecture and interiors and the chalky colours that we’ve used are reminiscent of the Georgian period. It’s not an overtly contemporary juxtaposition and I think it fits beautifully within the existing framework.

“We were inspired by Bath and its wonderful facades that are like little chocolate box buildings or doll’s houses in that wonderful stone; but then you open the door and they all reveal themselves to be quite different and unique inside.”

Martin Hulbert Design are responsible for the transformation of both the Pulteney and Henrietta Junior Suites, many of the best rooms at No.15 Great Pulteney, which feature the likes of four-poster beds and large coffee tables and have a collection of objects inside that offer a fun sense of place, as well as being connected to the history of Bath.

“The space, scale and proportions of the rooms are really quite special for hotel bedrooms,” says Martin. “They’re in possession of really good ceiling heights, generous windows and lovely views. It’s a wonderful opportunity for a designer to be able to work in rooms with these proportions and so we didn’t want to interrupt that space too much.”

The design in the hotel’s guest areas is similarly dictated by the surrounds and the city’s renowned architecture. “When you look around Bath, you really notice the detailing around you,” explains Martin, “so we’ve echoed some of the same motifs in our designs. It doesn’t matter if no-one really sees it, it’s about creating atmosphere and a feeling.”

Martin Hulbert Design have also commissioned some very beautiful, very modern pieces that really make a statement in our Georgian building; such as a long plexiglass table to sit at the front of the bar, a contemporary gold-plated light fitting with the appearance of one long sculpture that links the sitting rooms and, of course, the Lost Earring chandelier, crafted from thousands of lone earrings.

While the overall feel of No.15 is very comfortable and elegant, it’s these joyfully intriguing and unexpected touches throughout the hotel that add excitement and drama and create a unique personality all of its own.

Local Interior Designers

Alongside the modern glamour brought by Martin Hulbert and Jay Grierson of Martin Hulbert Design, we’ve also looked to local design talent, in keeping with our vision to give our guests an extensive choice when it comes to intriguing, one-of-a-kind rooms to stay in. Woodhouse and Law, an interior and garden design company based on Bathwick Hill, have put their unique creative stamp on one room at No.15 Great Pulteney, while Rossiters of Bath, a design-led furniture, home interiors and gift emporium in the centre of Bath have created two room schemes.

  • Woodhouse and Law

    “Our design approach is understated, playful yet luxurious,” explains John Law, one half of the duo behind the business. “Each scheme references the city of Bath and its rich history as well as the city’s current and future status as a vibrant, creative and entrepreneurial hub. We hugely value the work of local craftsmen and designers and have combined individual pieces by local artists and designers with international makers.

    “What our ground floor room doesn’t boast in size, it makes up for in elegant proportion and charm. The room has views out over the hotel gardens and generous high ceilings, giving us the perfect canvas to create our scheme.

    On first visiting the hotel, we were taken by the beauty of the raw, stripped-back plaster exposed throughout the building and the patina generated over the centuries. It was this which inspired our bathroom scheme, where we looked to combine the paired down with the luxurious.

  • Rossiters of Bath

    Open in the city since 1961, Rossiters of Bath, which occupies three Georgian townhouses in the centre of the city, is known locally as the Liberty of the West Country. Their rooms, which take their inspiration from Henrietta Park, both during the day and in the evening have been created to have instant appeal to guests arriving full of anticipation of luxury, comfort, glamour and fun.

    “No.15 Great Pulteney is set in one of Bath’s most elegant streets and has the luxury of looking out to the sensory gardens of Henrietta Park – this has been a major source of inspiration for us,” explains Ann-Marie James, buying director and owner at Rossiters. “We were also very inspired by the phrase ‘luxury for the curious’, used to describe the overall style of No.15, and we loved the idea that guests stepping into the hotel would discover a slightly more eccentric beauty within, compared to the classical beauty outside.

    “To reflect Rossiters’ signature style, the rooms feature pleasingly rich textures and colour, with some unexpected details too. For us, it’s very exciting to take part in the creation of an incredibly unique and beautiful hotel and it’s an opportunity have fun expressing our own unique style, knowing that it’s going to be enjoyed by so many different people.

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