St Michael’s Without

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The Church of St. Michael with St. Paul was designed in the early English style of Gothic architecture by the city architect CP Manners, who is said to have been inspired by the ornamentation and general appearance of the Lady Chapel at Salisbury Cathedral. Construction of the present church (the fourth on the site) began on 21 April 1835, and the church was consecrated on 4 January, 1837. By reason of its confined site, and the fact that the building is much larger than its predecessors, the church stands north and south, instead facing east towards Jerusalem. Religious worship has been carried on this site for many centuries. Walcot Street follows the course of the ancient Roman road, the Fosse Way, and there are many traces of Roman settlement in the area. However, the first definite record that a church existed on the site is an entry, dated about 1180, in the monastic rolls of Bath Abbey, A monk named Arnold was appointed as the church’s Rector; as a fee for his office he had to pay the Prior one pound of wax annually. There’s also a lovely cafe on site.